Discipleship Training School


The Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world.


The course is a full-time program and lasts six months. It consists of three months of classes/discipleship in Kauai followed by a three month outreach overseas. You will not only learn from lectures but also from community living and practical training.  During your outreach you will apply what you learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience.


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Chronological Bible Core Course


The Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC) is a 12 week course designed specifically for students to gain the tools and skills needed to bring the Word of God to life in their own lives. This course gives students a thorough understanding of the inductive approach to Bible study in observing, interpreting, and applying the scriptures for themselves. Students have the opportunity to hear lectures from speakers all over the world and engage in various forms of historical, archaeological, literary, and geographical research. Students will study 12 crucial, representative books of the Bible, and read all 66 books in context. They will learn how to teach and transform nations by going on outreach and sharing the tools and skills they have learned with the international church.


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