"All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, 
O Lord; they will bring glory to your name." -Psalm 86:9


YWAM Kauai was pioneered in January, 2010 by a team from YWAM Honolulu, sent to establish a new ministry and training campus on the neighboring island of Kauai. From 2010 through 2015 we made our home on the North shore and East side of the island, but recently we have seen and felt God’s call to the West side of Kauai. We are excited about the new relationships and opportunities God is placing before us! Our ministry on Kauai is focused in three main channels.


the local church by running events such as Inductive Bible Study seminars as well as 24-hour prayer and worship events. 

of believers submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our desire behind every outreach and ministry is reaching the unreached with the Gospel, discipling them, and creating simple church communities.

through multi-church, multi-denominational outreaches lead by experienced YWAM staff. 

Hawaii is an iconic island chain filled with lush vegetation and beautiful beaches. On the exterior is an image of paradise but beyond the façade lies a hurting and broken people. Climbing teen suicide rates, drug abuse, and domestic violence among native Hawaiians bring a sense of hopelessness to the island's local community. But we have been called to see beyond the statistics and bring the light of Christ into every community, here on the island of Kauai and every nation! YWAM Kauai is excited to be a part of its local community. By partnering with domestic violence shelters, church youth groups, community development organizations, and youth mentoring we are bringing hope to the hopeless on the “Garden Island”!


YWAM Kauai is dedicated to reaching the unreached peoples of the world, and are called, as a ministry, to reach those who may never have the chance to hear the gospel. There are estimated to be over 6,600 unreached people groups in the world today, translating to about 3 billion individuals. According to the Joshua Project, an unreached people group is, “a group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group.” We believe it is God’s desire to see every nation, tribe, and tongue worship and bring glory to His name. YWAM Kauai has adopted two nations (anonymous for security purposes) in the 10/40 window, one in the middle east and the other in Asia. These two nations alone represent 636 unreached people groups and encompass over 219 million unreached people. We are excited to bring the Kingdom of God to some of the most remote places on earth!



Biblical Freedom

A base that values diversity in belief and thought, always held to a high biblical standard.



Kingdom Minded

A base that is concerned with the growth of the Kingdom of God, not only itself.



A base that focuses on changing the community around them, AND the nations abroad.


Impeccable Learning Environment

A base that values quality over quantity and that runs schools where everyone is valued and no one falls through the cracks. Work to keep a "small classroom feel" with a "big school impact".


Personal Growth

A base where people are invested into and challenged to use their gifts and passions for the Lord.



A base that loves like a family but operates like an organization.