Simple Obedience

It’s April 4, 2016. I’m standing on the field of the colosseum in Los Angeles. A woman is on stage saying “Go to Nepal where you will live in constant discomfort, because the Lamb is Worthy!” The crazy part is , I had no idea that God was going to send me to Nepal during DTS. I had no idea where Nepal was or anything about it. I didn’t completely understand what Gloria ( the woman on stage) was saying. I said yes anyway.


Before DTS, God would wake me up late at night and tell me to get down on the floor, and pray for Nepal. I had never practiced praying quite like this before. Praying for people and places I’d never been. There was no guarantee I was going to Nepal. I just believed in faith that God would take me there.


One of the biggest things God taught me in DTS, was saying “yes” when you don’t feel like it. The humility comes through giving up our own plans, and saying “yes” to what Abba planned out. Even if you hear people say this all the time, its true, His plans are better than anything we could ever imagine.


In the second month of DTS I hurt my foot. I didn’t tell anyone about how bad it was hurting, because I didn’t want anyones extra attention. I didn’t ever think about how selfish I was being. Finally one week, during team time, I explained how my foot had been hurting for a while. Immediately my team started praying for me. They had such faith that God was going to heal it. Then we went to Nepal. My foot was still hurting, but God allowed me to participate in all the ministry times. When the last month of outreach came around, my foot was still not healed. Most of the time, my team had more faith than me that God was going to heal my foot. I expected God to heal it in the middle of a worship time, where it was this big built up event. God doesn’t usually work that way though. His miracles come in the small things.


This last month of outreach we were going to be in the Himalayas, trekking, and delivering bibles. I honestly lost hope that God was going to do anything. The day before we left to start trekking, my friend Madison said “Laura, you need to stop just saying you have faith, you need to walk in it”. (she always had the kindest way to convict people)
She was right. As soon as we started trekking, the pain grew less and less. I didn’t worry about my foot for that whole week. What I expected to be a miserable time became a ground for God to heal me physically and spiritually!


It was the walk that healed me. It was simple obedience. Saying yes to a greater call than my physical condition. Nothing I felt or conceived about God through my circumstance, was who He truly is. “The Lamb is Worthy!!!”



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