Meet the DTS Students!

On September 9th we had 10 young adults join our Ohana – and we have fallen in love with each and every one of them. As a ministry, we are honored to play a small part in the radical things that God is doing in their hearts and through their lives. It has been a privilege to see this group dive into this school and give 100% to everything from evangelism to community outreach to class lectures. With that said – I give to you the 2016 YWAM Kauai DTS!


Coming all the way from Germany, is the ever so lovely Lea Maria Seipel. She would love to one day go dog sledding in Alaska or experience life in an African tribe! Some foods that remind this lovely lady of home are spargl, dampfnudel, maultaschen, and spätzle (#lookituponthegoogler); she insists that the food is absolutely yummy and you (yes, you) should come try it in Germany. “The most impactful thing I’ve learned so far is that God’s opinion about me and my strengths are so different from what I had previously thought about myself. I used to always underestimate myself, but I am beginning to see myself the way that God does. I realize now that I am good enough to be a disciple of God. No matter what my weaknesses are I know I will receive everything I need from the Holy Spirit, so that I can do whatever God wants me to do.”


This is our sweet Miss Emily Marie Vander Ploeg (pronounced Van-Der Plew-g) also from Ontario, Canada (#represent). If she had her choice of where to go in this world, she would choose to go to YWAM Kauai staff, Jared Bradley’s wedding (#sweetmawage). She always gets a good laugh from YWAM Kauai’s very own Laura Vargas and Jared Bradley. Some authentic Canadian food that she’s been missing is some tasty home-made maple syrup and poutine. One of the most impactful things she’s learned in DTS so far is hearing God’s voice! How incredible! (#yayGod!)


Here is the adventurous Natalie Biggerstaff all the way from Indiana! She would love to one day visit Auschwitz, Germany. This girl loves the TV show “When Calls the Heart” and the lead actor, Daniel Lissing, always makes her laugh. Something that she misses from home is the loaded potato soup and iced chai latte from Brewed Awakenings Café. She is always desiring a good adventure and loves to explore new things! Since being in DTS she has been realizing more and more just how much God loves her and sees her beautifully made. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My God, my Father loves me no matter what!”


Next up is Mr. Christopher Elliott from Ohio, home of the 2016 NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers. If Christopher had his pick of where to travel for fun, he would visit England as well as the rest of Europe. You can always count on seeing him chuckle at the television show The Office. One of the most popular foods from his home are the melts you can find in Cleveland. Since being in DTS he has been impacted by how great God’s love truly is.

14923024_10210981620479557_1266188612_oRepresenting the East Coast US is Miss Madison Zivitski from South Carolina. She would love to one day visit Ukraine or Austria. This young lady can always get a giggle or two from the TV show the Office, but her grandfather is the one who can always bring a good laugh out of her. Her favorite food to eat at home is the popular Japanese delicacy, sushi. “I have learned how to really listen and hear God’s voice! My relationship with Him is growing increasingly deeper and it’s so exciting!”.

YWAM Kauai has been blessed this school with our very own southern belle, Miss Tiffany LeeAnn Burke from Louisiana. She has such a heart for the unreached across the nations! She would love to visit Europe one day(especially Italy, per recommendation). She is such a joy-filled person and so fun to be around! She can always count on her best friend, Alexis, to make her laugh. Since being in DTS she has learned the importance of replacing the enemy’s lies with God’s truth. We truly value this girl’s heart to bring a smile to those around her- she has a special way of lightening up the atmosphere!


Introducing the wonderful Laura Vargas hailing from Orange, California. Earlier this year God placed a burning desire in her heart to go to Nepal, and so she cannot wait till she gets to go. But if she were to choose any other country to go to, it would be Brazil. She can always depend on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show to humor her and make her laugh. When asked what has impacted her most since being in DTS, this is what Laura has to say: “It has really impacted me how we don’t mention The Father enough in worship. We say ‘you’ or refer to God but don’t use the authority of ABBA, Father enough!”


Meet Chance Cusick from the rainy state of Washington! This young fellow would love to one day go to the moon. And when he’s not watching a Bob Ross video, you can find him laughing at the show The Office. When Chance thinks about food that is unique to his hometown, he can’t help but think about the Puyallup fair scones. Something that has resonated deeply with Chance since being in DTS is the importance of giving all burdens and problems over to God. It has been amazing to witness the freedom that God has been bringing in Chance’s life since he’s been here!


From Ontario, Canada is one of our dear students, Naomi Catherine Priddle! She would absolutely LOVE to travel through ALL of Europe. At one time, she thought that she could always get a laugh out of Marcel the talking shell. However she’s realized now that her best friend, Tobie, is the one who will always be able to make her laugh. Some Canadian delicacies that she’s been missing are poutine and beavertails. Something that has resonated with her since being in DTS is the magnitude of God’s love for her and just how much he desires a relationship with her.

“He loves us so much that He talks to us and forgives us for anything and everything. His forgiveness is so complete that satan has no hold on me and I am free, I’m no longer a slave to fear. Anything that makes me doubt God’s love is a lie from the enemy and I have the power of Jesus in me which is strong enough to shut the enemy down!”


All the way from Ontario, Canada, YWAM Kauai has been blessed to have the bubbly Bailey Plunkett as one of our students! This adventurous gal would love to visit Greece and Africa one day. She always manages to make herself laugh or get a good laugh out of epic fails. When we asked her what has made the biggest impact on her life since being in DTS she replied, “definitely how to hear God’s voice and fully follow him. I’ve learned how to love my flaws and use them to bring glory to my Heavenly Father.”


For more information on our Discipleship Training School or our Chronological Bible Core Course CLICK HERE. If you have any questions about our ministry or training schools, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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