The “all-in” God

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I think about God a lot....I think about who He is, all He has done, His creation, His presence, etc...but then there are times when I think about God and God happens to show me a different facet to His multi-faceted character. These moments are not an "everyday" type thing, they tend to be fairly random. And so one of these moments happened when I was thinking about God and praying and just listening to Him...He started showing me different stories in the Bible - the Israelite's getting out of Egypt, Nehemiah building Jerusalem's wall, Jesus and all of His miracles, healings, teachings, and His death. After He reminded me of these events I heard that still, small and faithful voice of God say to me "I am an all-in God."


When God led the Israelite's out of Egypt, He did not just stop them at the Red Sea and say "Well, jokes on you, at least you made it to the Red Sea. Maybe next time we'll get further." No. God went so far as to split the Red Sea so that the Israelite's could get completely out of the Egyptian's grasp.


When God used Nehemiah to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, He didn't give Nehemiah half the heart to complete the task. God gave Nehemiah a total passion and desire for seeing the restoration of Jerusalem. As a result, that wall was rebuilt in 52 days, because Nehemiah was totally in and had faith that God would bring total restoration to the wall. Nehemiah kept going and giving it his all because he knew God was going to bring restoration to Jerusalem and His people, the Israelites.


And then Jesus. What a totally awesome example (the best example). Did Jesus only heal one blind eye or one limb with leprosy? No. Did Jesus only turn half of a water pot into wine? Nope. Did Jesus only love the ones in "righteous" living (Pharisee's)? No. When Jesus was on the cross, did He decide to get off the cross so He could go about His life and maybe have kids and a family? No. Did He die just to save the Jews? No. He came to Earth so that all people could be completely reconciled to our heavenly Father. He came to Earth to show everyone the love of God, the might of God, the grace of God, and so much more. I mean, Jesus is God on Earth. Jesus completely died on the cross and then he completely rose from the dead 3 days later because He had completely defeated death's power - He had completely defeated Satan.


Friends, God calls us to be completely and totally all-in. In all aspects of our lives. He desires for us to be completely in with Him. When you come to know Christ, you when you really press in to know Him...and when He shows you what He thinks of you, all He has for you, and just how much He cares and loves you...would you ever want to be anything but completely and totally all-in with God? Pursuing God and learning more and more of what it looks like to be "completely in" in my own relationship with God is something I am excited that I get to spend the rest of my life doing. It may be difficult at times, and there will most likely be some errors along the way, but friends, our God is one who is overflowing in grace and mercy. Rejoice in that and keep pressing into Him!


By Claire Hanshaw

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